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Building Information

Parking Lot & Entrance

We offer free parking at the front of the building near the door. There is no designated access parking spot. The parking lot is located on a hill.

There is no automatic door, and a small edge leading into the door. 

The salon has no barriers between chairs, and one may choose to use the hair salon chair the salon has provided, or to use your own if you use a wheelchair.

There is a chair attached to the hair wash sink. Hair washing is optional with cuts, but not optional with colouring/lightening services.

Washroom Facilities

Our washroom facilities have no handrails nor room beside the toilets to have a chair directly beside it.



Recliner chairs are on top of a platform; chairs can be moved to the floor with notice. Pedicures can be performed in the pedicure chairs or in a private room with notice. Entering the nail room there is a 1 inch ledge and sharp turn. 


Chairs and tables can be moved around for comfort. Entering the nail room there is a 1 inch ledge and sharp turn. 

Treatment Rooms

Beds are able to be adjusted to desired height but are not hydraulic. Step stools are available.


Not wheelchair accessible. Closest available known washroom is McDonalds on Sackville Drive.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Pride Beauty Lounge is proudly working with and apart of Open Floor Consulting DEI Group.

We are continuously updating and upgrading our training and practices to be a socially responsible business.

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 The Consultation Form

Sent to all guests with appointments at the spa via email that includes allergy into, along with room to express access needs. Example questions are pronouns, desire for silent services, desire for fidget and stim objects.

Each room has stim and fidget objects available to use. Either attach the need in appointment consult form, appointment notes, or ask your technician directly.

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