Welcome To Pride Beauty Lounge

It's More Than a Beauty Salon, It's a Movement.

Our goal is to provide luxurious spa treatments in a relaxing and uplifting environment.

Our mission is to provide a safe and comfortable environment for those in the Queer community, BIPOC folks, and folks with disabilities.


With passion, quality, and education, we strive to serve our city and community with a powerful spa environment that will inspire individuals inside and outside of the spa to be empowered and take care of themselves.



Time and time again, the LGBTQ2+ community is left out of the salon and spa experience. Women’s waxing vs male’s waxing, men's facials vs women's facials - this reinforces the gender binary and excludes trans folks and people who don’t align with traditional gender stereotypes. The gendered atmosphere and menus can leave people feeling uncomfortable, unwelcome, and unsure.

Beauty services can be identity-affirming but salons and spas that may not put emphasis on including everybody can be a breeding ground for queerphobia. A part of our effort in inclusion is having a diverse staff of beauty professionals and ensuring there is proper training to the staff on how to be inclusive, educated, and aware.

We aim to create a place where your sexuality and pronouns will never be assumed. Additionally, access for people with disabilities will be the beginning of encouraging our communities to put more safe-space spa ideologies into practice.