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Want to Join The Team?

We are always looking for amazing artists to join our team.

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Open Positions

Hair Stylist - 3 days a week

Esthetician - 4 days a week

Booth Rentals

For those who are looking to be fully self-employed, but like being in a team and needing a furnished space; we offer booth rentals!

Booth rentals are available for lash technicians, nail technicians, hair stylists, and estheticians, etc. 

This may include renting the space 1-7 days per week, and renting a table, a room, or lash bed.

We offer business consulting, advertising, and laundry services.

We do not supply products, supplies, booking systems or clients, or payment processing systems, as a self-employed beauty professional you have your own expenses!

Starting at $300 part time and $500 full time.

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