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Create an Inclusive Beauty Business

What is an inclusive beauty business?

An inclusive beauty business is a company that promotes and celebrates diversity, equity, and inclusion in the beauty industry intentionally. 

Moreover, an inclusive beauty business ensures that all customers and employees feel seen, heard, and valued. This could mean offering products and services that cater to different age groups, genders, and abilities, as well as ensuring that their employees represent a diverse range of backgrounds and identities.

An inclusive beauty business also strives to create a safer and welcoming environment for all customers and employees by participating in consent-based and trauma informed services, and participating in training on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Overall, an inclusive beauty business goes beyond simply selling products and services; it is a company that is intentionally offering a space that is free of bias and discrimination. 

1:1 Beauty Business Consulting

If you are a beauty business professional or owner looking to offer more inclusive and ethical services, 1:1 inclusivity consulting will assist you with assessing your business and services, provide education and implement change, and work with you to have a beauty business you are comfortable and educated to offer services to everybody, and confident that you are offering ethical and inclusive services. 


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Consulting

If you are an established beauty business with over 4 employees, working with Open Floor Consulting will assess your business, policies and procedures and create an actionable strategy and plan to implement steps to create a safer and more inclusive environment for your employees and customers. These services are offered by Taylor Yeomans (She/Her) MA in Critical Disability studies, Kendall Darling (He/Him), BA, & Tori Yeomans (She/They), DipCounsel.


Group Education & Speaking Engagements

Speaking engagements are offered for events including conferences and seminars for business professionals and beauty industry professionals that are passionate about enhancing their education around Diversity, Equity & Inclusion within their practices.

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