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The Depressed Babe's Guide to Skincare

This article goes out to all the babes who may be struggling to do skincare. There are many reasons why someone may be struggling to get their skincare done; maybe it is stress, mental health related, forgetting, or simply a busy schedule. I'm sure everybody can relate at some point in their life and hopefully this can break down some ideas on how to do skincare when you have low energy.

1.Simplify your skincare routine:

If you are struggling with depression and finding it difficult to carry out a complicated skincare routine, consider simplifying it. Stick to a basic routine that involves cleansing, moisturizing, and sunscreen.

We are often pressured online by thinking we need a massive skincare routine with all these pads and serums and patches and blah blah. Yes those things are amazing when you have the time, energy and money, but it's not for everybody and that's perfectly fine.

2. Use products that you enjoy:

Use skincare products that you enjoy using, whether it be a nice-smelling moisturizer or a fun face mask. Using products that you enjoy may help motivate you to take care of your skin and be excited about it.

I love and enjoy EASY products. By that I mean things that are wipes/disposable. Hydropeptide cleansing wipes and their clarifying toner are both things that I can take out of a package, wipe across my face, and feel good about putting good things on my face. Some days the idea of bending over a sink and throwing water on me and being dripping wet while i try and grab a towel to dry myself off sounds like the worst thing in the world so the Hydropeptide makeup wipes have been a game changer when my depression is acting up.

3. Create a routine:

Establishing a routine can help make taking care of your skin a habit. Try to set aside a specific time each day to complete your skincare routine, such as before bed or after a morning shower.

For me and my ADHD, my routines are so important to remembering to do things like washing my face, or even showering! I know every day at 8:30am I wake up and I fall on the floor and do yoga and get up and shower and wash my face in the shower. I have a night routine that includes my nightly skincare too. Doing the same things or pre-preparing what time I am going to be doing things that day really helps for me to remember, and be mentally prepared to do things.

4. Be gentle with yourself:

It's okay if you miss a day or two of your skincare routine. Remember that your mental health comes first, and it's okay to prioritize self-care in other ways when you need to.

Rest is also an underrated act of skincare!

I hope that these tips help to motivate your skincare game and inspire you to be more gentle with yourself!

Xox Tori


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