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5 Spring 2023 Beauty Trends

My favourite part of a new season is exploring all of the new beauty trends. Spring beauty trends are typically always light, airy and fun. The new season also just makes me feel like "new me", I can try something new! Let's talk about some cool new beauty trends this season and if they're hot or not.

1. Cat eye / Foxy Eyes

If you're into lash extension trends, you probably could already tell that I was going to talk about foxy eye lash extensions. This is the new "cat eye". The lashes are styled in a way that almost looks like a deep eyeliner, but in fact, they are your lashes! CUTE. This is created using a mixture of C curl and L curl lashes. Definitely check in with your lash tech prior to booking foxy lashes as L curl lashes are a speciality not every lash tech has! (Pride Beauty Lounge has them!) They can also be done as a classic lash or a volume lash. The photo below is a volume lash set, the classic option would be nice for those who want it even more of a natural look.

It's also said that cat eye thick liner is coming back; hello 2016 liner. Tbh, I still rock 2016 makeup but that's another conversation.

2. Tinted Moisturizer

2023 beauty trends are NATURAL, so naturally, the trend this spring is a good tinted moisturizer. This will absolutely fall into the summer as well so if you don't own one, add it to your beauty to-buy list. My advice on this topic as a licensed esthetician, absolutely choose one with a good SPF in it for skin protection as well.

My personal favourite tinted moisturizer/ tinted spf is from Hydropeptide, its super glowy BUT I have zero experience with this spf with all skin tones, so if we are talking about a deeper complexion, I will always and forever recommend Black Girl Sunscreen, for all skin tones, but definitely for the beautiful deep tones.

Check out my tiktok @tori.pridebeauty for a tinted moisturizer makeup routine to see how to put the Hydropeptide Tinted Moisturizer to use in your routine!

Purchase in store at Pride Beauty Lounge!

3. Bare face / No Makeup Makeup

Yeah... that trend is back. Maybe for good reason, I actually really like the emphasis on getting our skin all nice and healthy and glowing and also I do like to see people showing off real skin texture, their acne, and for some reason I can just really appreciate a nice natural look. Do I do it? No. But do I like it? Yes. Personally, I just love a good full coverage foundation, banging contour and thick a** lashes but I can appreciate this trend a lot. Light foundation or even a tinted moisturizer,light powder, blush, mascara or a classic lash extension, and fluffy brow; *chef's kiss*

4. Donut Glazed Nails

I don't know about you, but I keep seeing these adorable nails all over my instagram and at first I was like HOW, but now im like WOW. So this nail trend is done with a glazed powder, super similar to a chrome, but it's lighter and less colour, more of a... glaze!

This looks super adorable on all lengths and shapes of nails, but definitely the best on a manicure or a short almond nail. You can also put this powder over other colours, but it is most trendy on a nude polish.

5. Natural Brows / Fluffy Brows

Brow laminations are still in. We are going for natural asf brows; if you have a unibrow - perfect. We are saying goodbye to Anastasia brow pomade and hello to a tinted brow gel or a light pencil. Again, not like we used the brow pomade since 2016 but just an extra emphasis on that is out and natural is in.

OK, so now that you know what the beauty trends are for this spring - which is your fave? which are you going to encorporate into your spring style this year?


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