Inclusive Practices

See our "Facilities" page to see photos of the space and our ramp + door measurements.

Anti Racism

Pride Beauty Lounge consults with Black Business Consultants to ensure ethical practices. 

Retailing beauty products by local Black-owned and Indigenous-owned businesses.

Racism and discrimination are not tolerated. We have policies in place for the protection of our clients and staff members.


Pride Beauty Lounge consults regularly with a critical disability consultant to ensure ethical practices.

Sliding-scale pay rates are available upon request.


Pride Beauty Lounge has a ramp at the entrance of our spa. There is no hand rail at the moment. 

After-hours appointments are available for privacy or for those who have noise/light sensitivity.


Support workers, registered support animals, and support friends are always welcome! Let us know before the appointment so we can get a chair or extra space for them.

Breaks in services or between services are welcome, if possible, please let us know if this is needed so we can book additional time.

Fidget/Stim items available.

Alt-Text is utilized on our Instagram platform.

Silent services are available. If you do not want conversation with your esthetician, you can request this prior to your service, or during.

Consultation forms are sent out via email upon booking. An accessibility section is enclosed to disclose any support and access needs you require.

Pride Beauty Lounge is not a scent-free environment; we are able to adjust scent levels to an extent such as not burning candles/aroma burners etc. 

Pride Beauty Lounge's washroom facilities are not wheelchair accessible due to size. There is no handrail in the washroom, or on the ramp outside at the moment. 

Pride Beauty Lounge does not have an automatic door; The Staff are able to assist with doors. 

There is no designated accessible parking; there are parking spaces in front of our door.

Any accommodations needed, Pride will ensure to do everything in our power to assist.

Gender & Sexuality

Non-gendered services and service menu. No price differences for different sexes or genders.

Pride is 100% Queer-owned.

Pride have policies in place for the protection of staff and clients of the LGBTQ2+, BIPOC, and disabled folks.

No gender, sexuality, or pronoun assumptions.

Staff wear name tags with our names and pronouns.

We are 100% SWER friendly.

Pride Beauty Lounge staff will continue ongoing inclusivity and trauma based training programs.