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Pride Beauty

Groups & Parties

Pride Beauty is excited to offer spa party packages for you and your friends to enjoy the Pride Beauty experience as a group and get a special gift!


Groups of 5 people receive 10% off each person


Groups of 6+ people get 10% off each person + free goodie bags!


Starting in November we are pleased to be offering free access to the official Pride Beauty client lounge with snacks and beverages. 


To book a group please contact us directly with the following information:

  1. How many guests will be attending?

  2. Which services will the guests be receiving?

  3. Who is the main contact person along with your email and phone number?

  4. What are your desired dates and times for your event? What is your 2nd option?



A 50% deposit is required to book groups.

We typically need 2-3+ weeks notice to accommodate groups.


281 Sackville Drive

Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia


Opening Hours

Alternating Tuesdays



9:00 am – 7:00/8:00pm pm



Thanks for submitting!

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