Learn About Pride Beauty Lounge 

It's More Than a Beauty Salon, It's a Movement.

Our goal is to provide luxurious spa treatments in a relaxing and uplifting environment.

Our mission is to provide a safe and comfortable environment for those in the Queer community, BIPOC folks, and folks with disabilities.


With passion, quality, and education, we strive to serve our city and community with a powerful spa environment that will inspire individuals inside and outside of the spa to be empowered and take care of themselves.

Tori's Message:

Before going to school to be an Esthetican, my career was in the mental health field; my focus has always been on advocating for others, uplifting and amplifying the voice of others, and promoting self-care. I was the co-founder of The Om Art's Collective, a Halifax based non-profit organization focused on pop-up accessible art & music workshops that promote mental wellness and self-care. I have worked at several non-profits in HRM doing disability support work, mental health counselling, and training staff on mental health, accessibility, and sex work & sex trafficking. 

I always used skincare, makeup, and nails as a self-care method and in December 2019, I contracted COVID 19; I was out from work for almost 4 months when I really discovered my love for nail art and lashes; The Lash Plug Halifax was born. The Lash Plug was an accessible lash delivery service in HRM with inexpensive prices and free delivery right to your doorstep.

I wanted to take my new passion to the next level and so I enrolled in Esthetics school.

Being queer, I have experienced very uncomfortable situations while in different local spas such as estheticians would ask me about "my boyfriend" or see the ring on my finger and ask about "my husband", and when correcting them, "Actually, I have a girlfriend", they would give me weird looks or completely stop talking to me. I have went to a salon with my partner in the past and was asked "So which one is the boy and which one is the girl?". WTF. An esthetician was commenting about how white I was and when I told them I was actually Indigenous, they laughed at me and told me I'm wrong. I was at a spa in Sackville where she was describing to me how much better of a nail tech she is than the asian ne

I started doing nails in my home for my friends and family and learned there is an extreme amount homophobic or transphobic and even blatant racism has been occurring here in Halifax in our beauty industry. People are getting denied services because of their gender, being asked to pay beforehand and harassed because of their race, being refused to service people because they have a support worker or a disability; I wanted to create a safer space for folks who may be refused service elsewhere or simply don't feel comfortable in these ablest, fatphobic, racist, heteronormative spas and salons in HRM; my space would be different.

Pride Beauty Lounge opened in June 2020 with the mission to provide a safer space for clients and staff members that is comfortable, free from bias and discrimination, focusing on the Queer community, BIPOC folks and the disabled community while being relaxing, uplifting, and providing high quality services.


I want clients to know they can come here and we will respect their pronouns, we will support them in their accessibility needs, we won't deny services to them because of their gender or genitals; they will be welcomed here with open arms. 

-Tori (She/They)

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